Through Tunley Engineering’s years of experience and expertise we have developed a series of Engineering and Carbon specific training courses.

What makes these courses totally unique is the practical, real life examples shared, not just of what works well, but the issues that arise when things are done wrong – and how to avoid them.

Real household examples and in-depth reviews of Tunley Engineering Recovery examples make the courses both strong and relatable across many industries including Electrical, Mechanical, Heavy Engineering to name just a few.



Burndown Charts (in Tunley Engineering’s opinion) are the most powerful tool in a modern NPI Engineer’s toolbox, they are the weapon for accelerating NPI.

This course will provide an overview of Burndown charts and enable the attendee to be able to construct, build and use Burndown charts for Project Management.


Engineering is about taking something and making it better.


Unfortunately, we often overlook our Engineering Processes, this training focuses on the Processes behind Bespoke Engineering orders.

CE Marking

The course will demonstrate how to create a Technical Conformance File (TCF) for a complex product which must comply with multiple EU Directives to ensure that the CE Mark can be properly applied.


This course is developed for Engineers with a requirement to develop and compile TCFs for their products and will equip the attendee with appropriate knowledge to produce competent TCFs.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

This training introduces an agile NPI method building on and modernising the reliable gateway review NPI method employed globally.

Design Verification Plan and Reports (DVPR)

This course has been developed for Engineers with little or no prior DVPR experience. The course will provide an overview of the methods, documentation and core best practices of DVPRs.


The course will take the attendee from an example product specification through to a completed DVPR giving them the confidence to participate in the construction of successful DVPRs.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFM)

The course is particularly valuable for Engineers and Engineering Managers who are unfamiliar with formal DFMA assessment.


The Participants will gain an understanding of Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA) focusing on numerical assessment leading to Part Minimization and Design Efficiency.


The training focuses on DFMA techniques which reduce product cost through Design and Manufacture improvements.

Effective Time Management for Engineers and Engineering Managers

This course targets the personal management of available time for both Engineers and Engineering Managers.


The attendee will gain significant exposure to varying time management methods, including examples of where differing methods work well. This course is particularly valuable for Engineering Managers and Senior Engineers who manage others.

Engineering Department Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs provide feedback on the current state or condition of a given metric. Engineering is taking something and making it better; Engineering Departments should operate with the same ethos. The only way to ensure improvements are happening is to know what it was and what it now is, this is where Engineering KPIs come into their own.


This course targets not just the performance of Engineers, but, more importantly the performance of the Engineering Process(s). The course is ideally suited to Senior Engineers and Engineering Managers who want to increase the value of their team.

An Introduction to Engineering Visibility Bespoke and Special Orders

Unlike New Product Introduction Bespoke and Special Orders have unpredictable demand, as a result not just visibility of workload today but workload next week and next month are important.


Targeting Senior Engineers and Engineering Managers this course will develop the attendees understanding of Workload Visibility within their Engineering Department.

Continual Professional Development for Engineers and Engineering Departments (CPD)

Engineering departments are expensive to build and maintain (in terms of salary), this only increases the need to develop them.

In an ideal world we hire an Engineer, and they perform above and beyond their level, this training will demonstrate a strategy for accelerating your Engineering Department’s competency through internal, cost-effective methods.

Engineering Management – Transforming Culture

This course is perfect for Engineers and Engineering Managers who wish to gain a greater appreciation for types of Engineering Department culture whilst learning a set of skills to improve the culture within their own departments.


Based on comprehension experience of transforming Engineering Departments the trainer draws on multiple case studies, examples resulting in a truly informative course.


This course will develop and build the DFMEA competency and confidence of Engineers with little or no prior experience.


The target is to ensure that all attendees can hold and or successful partake in DFMEAs within their Company.

Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

The course introduces RCA methods, including Fishbone Analysis, Reverse Fishbone Analysis and 5Ys.


Examples covered are suitable for Engineering and non-Engineering professionals alike.

UK Patent Writing

Tunley Engineering have filed and owned multiple patents for itself and Customers alike.


Intellectual property is often overlooked due to the perceived cost of using a patent attorney; whilst patent attorneys are valuable not filing because of cost is never a great justification.

CE to UKCA marking

This course is targeted at Engineers who already have a rounded understanding of CE Marking but want to understand the changes required to adopt UKCA.

Engineering Management

Tunley Engineering’s ‘Engineering Management’ Webinar series is a collection of our courses, structured in way to better enable new and existing Engineering Managers who are looking to hone their skills or grow their departments.

An Introduction to Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA)

Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEAs) are often regarded as a Manufacturing and Operations assessment technique, however, this training will build on this with not only production but office-based Process assessments.


This course will develop and build the PFMEA competency and confidence of Engineers with little or no prior experience. The target is to ensure that all attendees can hold and or successful partake in PFMEAs within their Company.

Managing conflict in an Engineering Department

Many Departments have conflicts both internal (within the Team) and external (with other Departments); drawing on significant conflict resolution and recovery experience this introductory course on Conflict resolution targets Engineering specific requirements.


The Engineering Manager Development Program Engineering Management brings together Technical Expertise and the precise Management of a Team.



If you are interested in learning more about our Training courses or would like to book on a specific course, please let us know.