Tunley Engineering develops highly innovative solutions for our clients. We’re always focused on increasing productivity and maximising value. These are a few examples of our clients’ assessments of the work we have done.

“Tunley Engineering were a great help to the company. They helped us identify many key issues within the design stages of our project. They have helped us to gain a more structured procedure going forward on all future projects. Once completed we received all the feedback immediately followed by a written copy for our records. We would highly recommend them.”


Rupert Easter, Managing Director, Gas Compressors Ltd.

“It was a pleasure to work with Tunley Engineering during our first project. This soon led to the second and now the third. William and his team truly put in the effort to make the project fit our needs, and we look forward to our continued cooperation. Thanks William and Team!”


James Collins, Head of Technology and Innovation, PTC Industries Ltd

“We hired Tunley to help debug our engineering processes and to improve delivery time for our custom engineered systems. William Beer took the time to do a thorough survey of our existing engineering activities and was able to quickly understand the nature of our processes. He recommended changes that were easy to implement and which gave us immediate positive results. Implementing his recommendations not only improved our engineering processes, they also improved the overall moral of the entire company. People feel like they know what is expected of them, individually and as a team, and they are eager to get it done. William is intelligent, personable, has a deep understanding of engineering processes, and a no-nonsense approach to getting things done. It was a pleasure working with him.”


Thomas Mee, CEO, Mee Industries Inc.

“Tunley Engineering conducted an assessment of current Engineering systems, processes, people and performance. This piece of work was value for money as it gave the Board of Directors plenty to think about regarding the set up in the future for group-wide engineering.”


John Forrester, Group Operations Director, Envair Technology Limited

“Tunley Engineering Assessment process was truly a continuous improvement idea generator. By implementing these ideas, we could improve our efficiency and effectiveness of our engineering services.”


Venkat Jayaraman, Managing Director, United Conveyor Corporation India Private Limited.

“Tunley Engineering was brought into an ongoing engineering project that was critical to a timely start of our manufacturing operation. Their participation contributed in significant value creation to our company and investor through an on-time and on-budget project completion. As the management team, we are exceptionally pleased with this outcome and have already asked Tunley Engineering to be involved in our next two engineering projects.”


John Peterson, KoKo, LLC, CEO & President

“William did an excellent job of interfacing with our team. He is quick to grasp our details and did not waste time. He has been a real pleasure to work with. We have enjoyed the process of working with Tunley Engineering and look forward to seeing the results of our implementation.”


D’Arcy Sloan, President, Mee Industries Inc.

“Tunley Engineering has delivered a thorough review of our Engineering process and performance in a very short period of time with the key steps identified that we need to take in order to move our team to the next level. Our Engineering function is critical to ensuring we deliver what our customer needs, on time and to the highest standards – our work with Tunley Engineering is part of our continuous improvement strategy for this area of our business.”


Louise Hazel, Managing Director, IPU Group Ltd.

“Tunley Engineering helped Strix Ltd identify 6 key opportunities for improvement within Engineering and its product development process. For these improvement opportunities Tunley provided clear recommendations for improvement, which are actionable by the Strix Team.”


Nick Gibbs, Engineering Director, Strix Limited

“Will, came to our office to undertake a preconstruction work flow assessment. He very quickly understood what the brief was and the challenges we wanted to review. His approach was professional and effective. The data that has been produced was clear concise.”


David Harvey, Pre-Contracts Director, Optima Systems

“Tunley Engineering provided structure to our discussions and really useful personal insights that can save us from trying things that are not likely to work. Where they did recommend action it was considered and manageable for our scale of company.”


Jon Hilton, Managing Director, Lunaz Design

“William Beer with Tunley Engineering was diligent in meeting with my Engineering staff and their process partners to understand our Engineering processes including Product development. Within a week, he was able to unearth several areas of opportunities for us to improve. While not all the improvements are applicable, several of them when applied can and will yield the returns in speed, quality and cost that we look for in an Engineering department.”


Chinmoy Banerjee, VP Engineering & Technical Service, Follett Ice Corporation

“Will has an infectious enthusiasm and drive with a strong determination to find issues and look for alternatives or solutions.  The very direct nature of all interactions was welcome and allowed maximum time spent on analysis and discussion for ways forward.  Despite the direct approach there was no real consternation as findings and thoughts were always presented based upon detailed analysis and with supporting examples.

We found that an external perspective was very useful and will certainly help us with our forward planning and growth.”


Emerson and Renwick, Ben Clements, Managing Director

“The work Will / Tunley Engineering have done for us over the last 3-4 months is excellent. Without their help we would still be floundering around with our old undeveloped systems. They have opened our eyes to some of the pitfalls we have previously ignored at the planning stage to our significant detriment. We now have a much better knowledge and systems to really drive our NPI process. On a more personal note Will’s enthusiasm for simplicity in what is generally a complex area is excellent.”


John Dobson, Managing Director, TEV Ltd.

“Tunley were able to provide the focused targets required to complete our goals in the most time efficient manner. With limited time and resource, real output was achieved on schedule. The format of the process used has provided a framework ready for when the task needs to be repeated for other portions of our product line. Ultimately this has given confidence to the in-house engineers and freed them of the doubts that so often grind many projects to a halt.”


Robertson Geologging, Paul Worthington, Engineering & Development Manager

“I would not hesitate to endorse Tunley Engineering. The ability to immediately engage my team and to generate a different, more purposeful attitude within the Engineering Department, almost overnight, was quite remarkable. We are already beginning to see benefits and I am confident that step changes to Engineering delivery performance will result from this project with Tunley Engineering. This has most definitely been money very well spent.”


UBH International, Managing Director, Stewart Wiltshire

“Professional and efficient approach to reach targets.”


Berengere Huberlant, Global Engineering Services Manager, Desmet Ballestra

“My only regret in employing Tunley’s services is not employing Tunley sooner. I have worked with William for a little over 3 months now and have seen real results in a recovery project as well as introducing a more effective new product introduction process. William has a no-nonsense, direct approach, with a knack of getting to the root of the issues.”


Mark Crocker, Managing Director, PB Design

“Will has proven to be insightful, and with his analytical approach has helped us to identify problems in our existing set-up, and is helping to implement improvements going forward. His style has been great with an existing team of experienced engineers working with them towards the shared goal.”


Edward Tong, Managing Director, Tong Engineering Ltd.

“Tunley undertook the task with great disposition, proficiency and enthusiasm, initiating processes with longevity was important to ensure sustainability.”


Marie Cooper, Director, Cooper Brown Enterprises

“Tunley Engineering have provided significant value to our engineering value stream optimization project. The support they have provided has enabled us to deliver improvements more effectively and has brought about faster benefits.”


Tony Lawson, Engineering Director, Weir Minerals Ltd.

“Slingco have utilised the services of Tunley Engineering for a number of projects and have been delighted with the speed at which opportunities for improvement are identified, and insightful and innovative solutions are put forward. I look forward to working with Tunley again”


Nick Dykins, Managing Director, Slingco Ltd


“We did not have any prior experience of Tunley Engineering but came across with good looking webinar training agendas and decided to give it a try. We picked the ones that were interesting for us and several team members attended. Training contents were good, and webinars were nicely scheduled to 1-hour slots making it convenient to attend. We tried both public and tailored exclusive sets and both worked well for us. Team feedback was overall very positive. Thanks for good interactive sessions!”


Mika Kuusisto, Head of R&D, Ouman Oy, Finland

“William did an excellent job at delivering an overview of an area which can be a minefield to the unwary person. He is a great guy and always did his best to try and explain things in easy, simple to understand way”


Phillip Wolstenholme, Design Engineer at Envair Ltd.

“The course was run very professionally throughout; Will was very punctual starting and finishing sessions and was very friendly.”


Gregory Ives, Hardware Engineer, Spherea Test & Services Ltd

“William’s experience in Engineered Product Compliance has shown why it is better to employ experts to deliver Key Performance deliverables. I feel more confident in reviewing Technical Conformance Files after the training. The training was well structured and very well delivered. Thank you.”


Emmanuel Odiete, Head of Engineering & Quality, ONFAB LTD

“A well communicated course with excellent ideas to aid time management. Thank you, William, and all at Tunley Engineering.”


Chris Metcalfe, Contracts Manager, Cape Electrical and Mechanical Ltd

“Really Good Lesson, Very Good At Teaching And Setting Out Clear Understanding.”


James Harvey, Technical Support Engineer (Manufacturing), Sunray Engineering Ltd.

“Despite the fact the course was just an introduction to CE marking, it helped me to understand the importance of following the steps in order to apply CE marking. William Beer took the time and extra effort to make sure we all understood.”


Eduard Olaru, Design Engineer, Securon LTD

“I am currently on my first run of ladder in management in the manufacturing industry, I found the root cause analysis session a great tool to have learnt, the learning was delivered in a confident approach, and the content was well thought out and structured and no question was overlooked, not only did I get an insight into problem solving, but a lesson in how to deliver in a confident and professional approach without being too ambiguous. Excellent …will be enquiring for some more sessions to help me develop in my career.”


Richard Corp, Manufacturing Team Leader, Optima Systems

“William was able to explain the concept behind RCA and the reasons why using just one method doesn’t always work, with some great examples. He kept us engaged and it was not just him talking at us, but allowing us to think for ourselves. As you know, if you are involved you learn more, than just being talked at. I can see why companies use your services, you are direct and straight to the point, helping solve problems the right way.”


Sharn Lalkiya, Founder/MD, TechWaves Recruitment

“The presentation was very well structured, with both theoretical and practical sections, which I really enjoyed. The information provided was valuable and could be used as a good base for creating a Technical Conformance File and a Declaration of Conformity.”


Georgiana Poincescu, Document Controller, IPU Group

“Tunley Engineering is a great way to sharpen any engineering team, whether they are part of a massive corporate structure or a smaller team. Their method of instruction strays far from the dry methods of old, in which you are simply spoken to and not engaged. With Tunley Engineering, the teaching process is much more interactive with lessons being structured more like workshops than university-style classrooms. I believe this to be the ideal way of instructions, as it allows both the student and teacher to be engaged with one another, adding to the scholastic synergy. I would recommend Tunley Engineering to teams of all experience levels, as it can add world-class concepts to any engineer’s toolbox.”


Jordan Pulido, Project Engineer II, Ausco Inc

“The course provided by Tunley Engineering was detailed and engaging. It was easy to see how it applied to our business and what areas we could look to for improvement in the future.”


Gavin Kee, Product Technical Manager, LED Group ROBUS

“Made everyone feel at ease and delivered the course in a way everyone could understand.”


Richard Ralph, Customer Services, Optima Products Ltd

“Tunley-Engineering has great people with services that will help you infuse your Engineering department with great ideas and processes to drive performance and improvements. I am looking forward to implement some of the new processes learnt in the near future, and I am excited to see how my team will grow and meeting the challenges ahead of us.”


Raymond Lim, Engineering Manager, Ausco Inc

“Will made each session fun and engaging. He never made anything seem too complicated which helped me stay interested in each topic. I recommend Tunley to anyone that thinks they need to improve the efficiency of their workplace.”


Matt Kolmer, Mechanical Engineer II, Ausco, Inc.

“Really effective course and speaker; great pace and course/group atmosphere. I would highly recommend attending this course, very informative and makes for high engagement.”


Justine Jones, Export Account manager, Optima Products Ltd.

“Will did a great job with explaining the material and is very passionate about what he does. His enthusiasm makes the lessons fun, interesting, and exciting.”


Matthew Ruggiero, Mechanical Engineer II, AUSCO, INC.

“Very well organized and relevant course material and presentation.”


Tom Taylor, Principle Engineer, Ausco

“Very professional and well organised from initial contact and pre-session notes all the way through. An engaging and informative training course, full of valuable information and advise. I thought the pace and energy of the course was delivered exceptionally well, by William.”


Andy Wickenden, Research & Development Manager, Rivertrace Limited

“Working with Tunley Engineering is a fresh new view into your work life. Offering insight and plain old common sense to revitalise or renew your processes of work.”


George Fray, Senior Project Designer, Optima

“The presentations provided by William Beer of Tunley Engineering were superb. The energy and enthusiasm for the topic helped to keep the team engaged. The explanation of techniques alongside real life examples allowed an obvious and clear explanation of the tool / technique under review. I will be recommending this training to other teams to undertake.”


Peter Pearce, Senior Projects Manager, Strix

“Great information for upcoming engineers to have an understanding of the processes required in designing equipment. This allows the engineer to reduce cost on looking at assembly errors, manufacturing procedures, cost and standardization to help a compony move forward.”


Martin Pickup, Mechanical Design Engineer, Emerson and Renwick

“Will clearly knows his stuff. It was apparent that he had taken a good amount of time to understand our businesses needs and as such had taken time to tailor the training accordingly, a rare and very welcomed level of customer service. Great value, thank you.”


Nick Hubbard, Commercial Director, BGB Innovation

“Enjoyable delivery of the DFMEA process presented with interesting examples that related to the subject matter. Relevant to engineers throughout the experience range.”


Robin Hammond, Product Development Engineer, BGB Innovation

“A fantastic fresh insight into KPIs and how best to use them to effectively monitor, act and report within an organisation.”


Bernard Klos, Quality and Compliance Manager, Enatel

“This training seminar was not only valuable to engineers, but it could easily be applied to anywhere in business. The examples given were very real and relatable. I would highly recommend this to any business organization.”


Robert Walck, Yanmar Product Engineer, Superior Diesel

“In two short training sessions on RCA our engineering department learned simple and effective methods to problem solve.”


Jeff Roberts, Engineering Manager, Superior Diesel

“The training Tunley Engineering gave was second to none! They provided solutions for some of the problems / bottlenecks in our engineering process , and explained them well.”


Rhys Davis, Engineering Draughtsman, Eriez Magnetics Europe

“Tunley Engineering delivers informative training sessions that provides real-world scenarios to help customers relate. William was more than willing to adapt the sessions so we could use our own examples to help drive the ideas and processes being taught.”


Brandon Fretwell, Engineering Manager, Pitts Trailers

“Tunley Engineering introduced and talked about some very interesting ideas, giving in depth examples which would be relevant to our design process.”


Adam Lyne, Mechanical Design Engineer, Vapormatt

“Tunley Engineering does a great job at understanding the needs of Engineers and Engineering managers. Essential to anyone making the transition from Engineer to Engineering Manager.”


Brandon Thurlby, Engineering Manager, Continental Tool and Die

“Our product development engineering team participated in the DVP&R training. William had me share my current processes in advance of the training, and he picked out some quick areas of improvement relative to us implementing the DVPR. By the end of this week we are going to implement the DVPR. Thanks for helping us get better!”


James Fablo, Engineering Manager, EMX Industries

“Tunley Engineering presented and educated our team with indepth information and resources that has helped us develop further as individuals, a team and a company.”


Marc Scarborough, Draughtsman, Eriez Magnetics

“This introductory course got my brain thinking again.”


Ben Fritz P.E., Research and Development Mechanical Engineering Manager, Munters Corporation

“Will from Tunley delivered an excellent and thought-provoking webinar on NPI to our development team at Q-Free UK. It has provided the spark we needed to start the conversations around areas of process that need better understanding.”


Mike Provis, Q-Free, Senior Embedded Engineer

“It has been very insightful to gain understanding in the difference between NPI and bespoke engineering and the different approaches required. I have picked up some useful tools for NPI and fast decision making that am already applying to our work environment.”


Dom Wilcock, Vapormatt Ltd, Design Manager

“The courses I took from Tunley Engineering were very helpful to me as a new engineering manager. I can organize my team and procedures with a little more confidence thanks to what I have learned from Tunley.”


Joe Hillegass, Engineering Manager, DFT Inc.

“The Continual Professional Development Training gave an in-depth explanation of competency metrics you can use with your team and how to make them highly visible to them. I highly recommend this class and look forward to putting what I learned to use with my team.”


Nicole Gianaris, International Workflow Supervisor, United Conveyor Corporation

“Dr Beer knows what he is talking about!”


Dave Rood, PB Design and Developments Ltd

“A brilliant experience. Especially the interaction with other people.”


Ioannis Skarlatakis, Endoline Automation

“Very thought provoking course with lots of good material. Plenty of chance for group discussion. Came away with ideas of things to investigate to help on the project team management.”


Mike Provis, PB Design and Developments Ltd

“Very informative and thoughtful day with some great ways to start changing for the better.”


Richard Jarrett, PB Design and Developments Ltd

“Good and well presented, concise information on business and managing various aspects of engineering”


Richard Mehta, ABEL Power & Control Solutions Ltd

“The course is a good starting point for identifying the subjects to consider and think through.”


Garry Scoble, Ramtech

“William delivered the course very professionally and showed a very good understanding of the whole engineering management projects. This really helped answering critical questions very well, thereby ensuring thorough comprehension. Excellent stuff!”


Danny, The Grimsby Institute

“Will was very informative and covered the course topics in a good level of detail. Constant engagement with all of the delegates helped me to gain a great deal from the training day.”


James Jones, Ham Baker