Our Solutions

Engineering Department Assessment

Inefficient design processes increase pressure on
Production and can lead to delays or quality issues. Our Design Process Re-engineering (DPR) will deliver a real & measurable return on investment

Engineering Recovery (ER)

If you’re experiencing major performance issues within your engineering team, our Engineering Recovery service will quickly deliver improvements. Tunley Engineering can help management seeking a dramatic, short term performance improvement or investors who are seeking planning support for a business turnaround.

Engineering Due Diligence (EDD)

Do you know the value of your engineering team and how they contribute to the overall performance of the business?

Our Engineering Due Diligence defines the operational contribution, potential and risk within the engineering department to support potential investors, and sellers, and gives a comprehensive appraisal of its products, technical governance, efficiencies and risk.

Engineering Preparation
for Sale (EPfS)

Our Engineering Preparation for Sale (EPfS) service supports business owners in maximising their enterprise value through profit improvement within the Engineering Department.


Improving the effectiveness of your engineering
team by developing their skills and capabilities can transform your business. The critical nature of the role the engineering department delivers means value increases are multiplied many times across the business.