Our Inspiration

We draw our inspiration from three sources which mean a great deal to us.

The finest traditions
of British engineering

Frank Tunley, Dr Will Beer’s great-grandfather, was a pattern maker for Laycock Engineering in Sheffield. From the 1920s until the 1960s he worked on a wide range of power transmission and garage equipment products.

Frank was a proud craftsman, and his passion for engineering, precision and improvement continues to inspire us today.

Our passion for engineering
and design

Will and Peter have always been fascinated by engineering and design. For many years they have repaired and re-built motorcycles and cars in their spare time, and they’re continually looking to create new designs that could improve the world.

To date they have registered over 14 patent applications that relate to a wide range of applications including kinetic energy recovery, venetian blind heat exchange and several relating to the motorcycle manufacturing industry. In addition, Will is a committed IMechE interviewer.

Making the world
a better place

Our mission is to make a difference. Not just to our clients, and the people we work with, but to the world at large. We are committed to investing 10% of our profits with charities supporting underprivileged children.

Our first initiative is to support the Destiny Foundation who are supporting a small community in Msogoja, Malawi. This includes the Destiny Lunch Box which feeds 100-200 children twice a week. In the future we hope to extend our commitment to supporting their local school.