Do you have an issue with On Time Delivery?

New Product Introduction?

Has your Engineering Team had the same issues for an extended period of time and despite promises made to the contrary, they persist?

While your products might be different, the underlying processes and methodology is the same.
In our experience working with manufacturing companies, engineering teams and those that ‘design
what they sell’, we can categorically say the root cause of most issues is processes.



Our Engineering Assessments provide you with an independent, external perspective into your business from industry leaders and experts.
After extensive investigation we will provide you and your team with a report and presentation that shares the actions you need to implement to deliver rapid, but long lasting improvements.
From issues like Workload Visibility and Assessment to prioritisation, we can help you speed up your O.T.D and boost Right First Time metrics by auditing your workload visibility and making sure you have the information you need to prioritise effectively.
Key Performance Indicators can have a negative stigma attached to them, but they are essential to the continuous improvement of your department. The first step of any audit is measurement, so if you don’t have KPIs in place we can help you implement them.

Engineering Development and Training plans are a crucial factor for a team’s success. Through one to one interviews we can determine any gaps in your team’s knowledge and offer ways to address it.


Our Assessments also take an in depth look at the more technical aspects to your processes, such as Engineering Design, CAD, FEA, CFD, Hand Calculations and Engineering Compliance (mainly CE Marking and UKCA Marking) and finally Organogram utilisation.


These assessments are always bespoke to each company we engage with, so if you would like to know more about this service please book a free consultation call with a member of the team.



Culture is vital to team success and is not something we neglect; from team management to behaviours and ethos, we make sure we cast an independent eye over the culture of your team.

The first step for most assessments is to map the New Product Introduction and Bespoke (Engineered to Order) Processes. After mapping, a Value Stream analysis is carried out, allowing the processes to be evaluated, and then innovation and improvements to be applied.


The review expands to cover all key areas of the Department’s operations.
Each Assessment can be conducted in-person or fully remotely, and ends with a detailed report, presented to all stakeholders giving you all you need to finally address those long-standing issues.



If you would like to discuss your engineering challenges and learn more about our Engineering Assessment, book a call today.