Engineering Preparation for Sale

Our Engineering Preparation for Sale (EPfS) service supports business owners in maximising their enterprise value through profit improvement within the Engineering Department.

We will carry out a detailed assessment of the Engineering Department to identify real opportunities for profit improvement. Specifically, we will look at how to improve workflow, customer service and quality and we will quantify the cost benefits to the business. Such a focus can reap significant dividends in enterprise value and will help to maximise shareholder value upon disposal.

Engineering Departments typically offer significant opportunities for cost and time savings. Some of these savings can be achieved, for example, by reducing lead times, reducing wastage, reducing product recalls, reducing repeat loops, and improving staff utilisation so that higher value team members can focus on more appropriate, higher value tasks. We will also look at departmental competencies and communications, and identify opportunities to improve morale, staff retention and productivity.

Our findings will normally identify low hanging fruit – opportunities that can be implemented quickly with a measurable impact. In addition, our review will incorporate the following elements into an implementation plan which we would be happy to manage:

  • Effectiveness of the workflow
  • Effectiveness of prioritisation and delegation
  • Rework assessment
  • Team competencies and utilisation
  • Technical governance
  • Product design process
  • Departmental communications
  • KPIs

Our report, and any subsequent actions arising from it, will support the business owner in the due diligence process that a potential new owner or investor will undertake.

Engineering Preparation for Sale:

the benefits

  • Relentless focus on maximising enterprise value for the business owner
  • Speed of review and implementation
  • Prioritisation of opportunities: we will focus on the biggest opportunities for profit impact that can be implemented in a timely fashion
  • Short term delivery prioritised: the low hanging fruit,
  • Sustainability is key – making your Engineering Department more effective and productive for the longer term
  • Collaborative approach: we will work with your team to make them more effective
  • Supporting the business owner during the due diligence process