Engineering Department

Tunley Engineering starts most of its projects with an assessment of the Engineering Department.

Engineering Assessments provide you with an outside perspective into your business from industry leaders and experts who after extensive investigation issues you and your team a report and presentation that gives you all you need to immediately implement long lasting improvements to your team.

These assessments are always bespoke to each company we engage with so if you would like to know more about this service please book a free consultation call with a member of the team.

The first step for most assessments is to map the New Product Introduction and Bespoke (Engineered to Order) Processes. After mapping a Value Stream analysis is carried out allowing the processes to be evaluated and innovated. The review expands to cover all key areas of the Department’s operations, including:

  • Workload visibility and assessment
  • Prioritisation
  • Delegation
  • Key Performance Indicators – if you don’t have them, we will crunch through data to get them
  • Engineering Development and Training plans

  • Engineering Design, CAD, FEA, CFD, Hand Calculations
  • Engineering Compliance (mainly CE Marking)
  • Appraisals
  • Team Management
  • Organogram utilization

  • Budgetary control
  • Time records
  • Team ethos

Recommendations Clearly Documented


The detailed assessments are then written up with all recommendations clearly documented, this enables you, the Customer, to implement the changes without additional help – if you want to accelerate their implementation, we are happy to provide appropriately support.