PORR is one of the leading construction companies in Europe. PORR have been living up to their motto for more than 150 years: intelligent building connects people. As a full service provider PORR bring together the high standards of quality, innovation, technology and efficiency demanded of everyone involved in a construction project into a harmonious whole.

PORR are developing materials, products and construction methodologies all the time that can reduce the impact on the environment. As part of the High Speed Two Project, they needed to achieve the PAS 2080 Accreditation; they also had to produce a carbon model for their product, identifying the carbon that was embedded in the product and seeking to reduce it by 50%.

Join us as we showcase PORR’s journey to reducing their carbon footprint with the help of Tunley Engineering. In this case study video, discover how Tunley’s unique approach, experienced team, and proven track record in carbon reduction helped PORR achieve a remarkable 88,564 tCO2e reduction in emissions. See why Tunley stood out as the most favorable option for PORR and learn how they are leading the charge in the transition to a more sustainable future.


Discover how Tunley Engineering helped one of our clients, Blok N Mesh, reduce their carbon impact with our business carbon assessments. Watch our case study video to see how we worked together to create a tailored plan that reduced their carbon emissions and saved them money. In the video, Blok N Mesh provides their feedback on our services, including our easy to digest reports that are jargon-free. We're proud to have helped Blok N Mesh lead by example in reducing their carbon impact, and they have even recommended Tunley Engineering to other businesses.

Take a look at Optima's journey to reducing their carbon footprint with the help of Tunley Engineering. In this case study video, discover how Tunley's carbon assessments helped Optima accelerate their path to net zero, resulting in a significant reduction of 3,261 tonnes of CO2e. See how Tunley's expertise and tailored approach to sustainability solutions made a tangible impact on Optima's sustainability goals. This inspiring success story highlights the importance of taking action towards a more sustainable future and shows the positive impact that can be achieved through collaboration with experts like Tunley Engineering.



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