Our Vision is
“For every organisation to be actively decarbonising their operations”
The Carbon Consortium


“To accelerate decarbonisation globally”

The Carbon Consortium is a live and collaborative solution; built from our history of delivering carbon reduction strategies and excellent training courses, helping further realise our Vision & Mission by supporting your decarbonisation goals.

Green washing and general “climate noise” can leave you and your organisation struggling to understand your contribution to climate change and importantly, what you can do to reduce it.

The Carbon Consortium is a hub for like-minded individuals within sustainability to share challenges, receive bespoke, expert advice, and avoid common pitfalls related to addressing carbon emissions. The route to net zero is not a short one. In most cases, organisations need to work consistently over a period of years to implement the changes required to achieve net zero emissions. This membership, over a minimum period of a 12 months, supports you to achieve this.


Let’s tackle the climate crisis together

With monthly 3-hour membership events, One to
One meetings with our team of engineers and weekly content delivered straight to your inbox we can inform, guide and accelerate your journey to Net Zero.

The Carbon Consortium

“Developing carbon reduction strategies with clients allows the team to lend our creative expertise to deliver genuine emission reduction solutions. It is always a privilege to support businesses on their carbon reduction journey”

– Dr Torill Bigg, CEng IChemE



Monthly Membership Events

Every single month we run 3-hour membership events on a number of subjects, all related to decarbonising your business. We cover everything from the economic benefits of decarbonisation to how to measure the digital environmental impact.

Dedicated one to one time with experts

Every month you also get dedicated one to one sessions with our carbon team, focused on the issues you are facing in your efforts to decarbonise and how to best address them.

Strict Limit on membership event attendees.

With only 16 people allowed in one membership event. We ensure every member of the cohort can have their voice heard, understand the content and leave their one to one free for discussions around the issues unique to their company.


£500 per month per attendee
gives them exclusive access to:

£500 per month per attendee gives them exclusive access to:


Monthly one to one sessions with your carbon reduction team Try before you buy first month.


Attend your first month of sessions with no obligation and ensure this is right for you.


A 3 hour long training session every month.

Example agenda below



Led by a dedicated facilitator, cohorts will meet every month for three hours. Whilst the topics change on a monthly basis, you can see an example agenda below.

Tunley Engineering’s Carbon Reduction Engineers will deliver programs on topics ranging from:

  • An Introduction to organisational emissions
  • What are Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions?
  • How do you measure your emissions?
  • Emission calculation standards
  • What are the economic benefits of decarbonation?
  • How does your organisations individual activities contribute to your overall emissions?
  • How can EVs contribute to your decarbonation plan?
  • Case study worked examples (including how do you access a Farm, Marketing Agency etc)
  • Carbon policy news update
  • Carbon Offsetting, sequestration, capture and mitigation options

Teams “Community Hub” Meeting Room (Remote)

W/C 21st February 2022

Maximum 16

13:00 - 16:00

// Welcome Message, Roll Call, Introductions & Icebreakers

Chairperson introduces the Carbon Engineer “Speakers”, conducts roll call, introduces the agenda of the session and conducts Icebreakers.

// Main Presentation


Carbon Reduction Engineer conducts main feature presentation.

// Break 1


// Breakout Rooms with Carbon Reduction Engineers

(40Mins - 20Mins Per Breakout)

  • Carbon Engineer 1 Topic Discussion - Group A
  • Carbon Engineer 2 Topic Discussion - Group B
  • Carbon Engineer 1 Topic Discussion - Group B
  • Carbon Engineer 12 Topic Discussion - Group A

// Break 5


// Breakout room feedback on discussions


  • Carbon Engineer 1 - Group A Feedback
  • Carbon Engineer 1 - Group B Feedback
  • Carbon Engineer 2 - Group A Feedback
  • Carbon Engineer 2 - Group B Feedback

// Facilitated Discussion


Q&A, Case Study reviews etc

// Closing Remarks


You may have unanswered queries between sessions which limit your progress towards net zero - Welcome to the drop-in hour.

Taking place between sessions (i.e once a month) the drop-in hour is a time where you meet with one of Tunley Engineering’s dedicated Carbon Reduction Engineers to discuss, progress, query, set targets and review obstacles on your organisations route to net zero. The agenda will be developed by you and your dedicated account manager in advance.

The One to One drop-in sessions will support you in your carbon reduction journey, from beginning to end.

If you cannot attend one month’s session, we are more than happy for you to send a delegate in your place. Sessions are also recorded and issued to all attendees allowing you to look back and re-educate.

Typical topics discussed in the one to one support sessions could be:

  • Review of net zero strategy and road map
  • Methods for decarbonising your organisation cloud based IT systems
  • Explanations of terminology in east-to-understand terms and in context to you business
  • Data review
  • Reporting review



Every single week you are enrolled you can expect curated content from our team of Engineers, breaking down the week’s events on the Climate Change front. Ensuring you have an experts opinion sent straight to your inbox.


The Carbon Consortium

“Providing businesses with the numbers and data to show which activities are producing the most GHG emissions is one step, but actually seeing businesses make our recommended strategies to reduce GHG emissions is the best part.”

– Aaron Yeardley, AMIChemE


In the past 12 months, our Carbon Reduction Engineers have helped organisations reduce their emissions by OVER 5,000,000 kilogrames

This is equal to

miles in a car.

OR energy for
600 homes

to sequester needs 83,000 new trees grown for 10 years

Our Engineers have PhDs and Masters in the field of Decarbonisation and exist to “Engineer a Decarbonised Future” – you are in safe hands.
As for the members like yourselves. the Cohorts will remain unchanged. This means you will develop relationships, become familiar with other members and network with other companies with similar carbon reduction ambitions.

For shared success to be achieved, we need commitment, consequently The Carbon Consortium is a minimum of a 12- month subscription, however, if after the first session you believe the fit is not right for you there will be no charge.

The Carbon Consortium membership cost is valued at £500 plus VAT per month, per attendee. This gives you a dedicated account manager, access to carbon resources and invitations to the membership events.

The Carbon Consortium will educate and develop you in the
field of carbon emissions, so your organisation has the internal competency to drive your ambition to a net zero future.


The Carbon Consortium

'Helping businesses become aware of the environmental impacts of their current practices and future projects by providing detailed analysis on the associated greenhouse gas emissions. This data-informed approach, and Tunley Engineering Carbon Department's expertise, will support them with their decision-making processes to achieve a net zero carbon future.'

– Dr Luan Ho PhD MIEnvSc

“Tunley Engineering have been acting as a supporting partner in research and development of Optima Products Ltd NZC strategy to reduce energy, reduce embodied carbon and improve sustainability credentials, by the assistance of technical knowledge and experience inputs on material science, energy calculations, including thermal heat loss to improve our production heat insulation design, and valued steering on electrochemical coating systems.”

– Gracie Stammers, Environmental & Sustainability Assistant, Optima Products Ltd, United Kingdom

“Torill clearly has extensive expertise in this area which she brought to the conversation in a jargon-free way. This meant we were able to very quickly understand what our carbon footprint is and what is driving it, giving ideas to help us create a plan to move to net zero and beyond so that we can minimise the impact of our business operations on climate change.”

– Harvey Neve, Director, Fimatix , United Kingdom



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