Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our world, impacting businesses, natural systems and communities. In response, international, national, regional and local initiatives, including changes to legislation, are being implemented by public and private sectors to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere, as well as to facilitate adaptation to climate change.

From independent coffee shops to large law firms, our Service business Carbon Assessments are a cost effective way to get your business on the path to a reduced carbon footprint, enhanced brand and lower operating costs.



Quantification of your business’s greenhouse gas emissions facilitates adherence to carbon reduction initiatives and demonstrates environmental responsibility to stakeholders, customers, Governments and the general public. Tunley Engineering’s assessment of greenhouse gas emissions arising from your business activities, gives you a roadmap to a more efficient way of operating. Our Assessments and Reports are completed to recognised international standards, by a team led by a renowned Chartered Chemical Engineer experienced in greenhouse gas quantification.
Our Team of Carbon Reduction Engineers will work closely in conjunction with your team internally to identify emission sources and the data collation necessary to complete the quantification.

The assessment will provide visibility of the quantity of greenhouse gas emissions, the areas of the business from which they arise, and recommended options for strategic, targeted reduction initiatives.

Our reports follow internationally agreed standards BS EN ISO 14064-1, The GHG Protocol and PAS 2060 and are based on the principles of Measure, Reduce, Offset and Report.


Our reports enable you to understand the level of your current emissions, a critical starting point given “you can’t fix what you can’t measure”.


Our report gives detail on how your organisation can make practical changes to reduce the emissions you produce.


Within the report we offer actionable ways you can offset your current and previous carbon emissions.


Not only does the assessment produce a document that you can use internally, but it can also be used to submit to local authorities, government bodies and customers when you are asked for details on how your business is doing its part to tackle the climate crisis.



Tunley Engineering’s assessment will deliver a clear, concise report, quantifying total greenhouse gas emissions in tonnes of CO2 equivalents per annum (tCO2e p.a), a greenhouse gas inventory and carbon reduction options for quantified strategic reduction targets.

This business carbon assessment report will include granularity of emissions to highlight the business activities from which most emissions arise.

A quantified greenhouse gas inventory will also be provided.

The report will propose strategic carbon reduction initiatives, and we can offer you ongoing support to help you towards your new Carbon Reduction Goals



We pride ourselves on making sure that our Carbon Assessments are structured in way that is respectful of your time and is as flexible as you need it to be.

However to give some insight most Assessments will broadly include the following steps:

DAY ONE (Kick off meeting)

  • Setting the scope and boundary for the business carbon assessment(s)
  • Setting of the reporting baseline year
  • Identification of greenhouse gas emission sources
  • Setting data collection requirements
  • Outlining next Steps
  • Summary and Feedback

Data Collation by your organisation after which we will provide:

  • Business Carbon Quantifications
  • The report will cover the assessment method, standards, findings and strategic carbon reduction plan.
  • Formal Issuing of Your Carbon Report
  • Presentation of core findings



The scope of a Carbon Assessment varies depending on company size, products and what falls under the assessment criteria.

Want to know what an Assessment will cost you?

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