Carbon Assessment

There is growing recognition of the need to reduce carbon emissions.


Governments have committed to decarbonisation efforts and ever more stringent requirements are being passed into legislation for carbon reporting and reduction. For example in 2019 the UK government implemented the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting policy which required many more companies to report carbon emissions that had previously not been required to.

Measuring carbon emissions allows your business to target not only carbon savings but cost efficiencies too. An expert carbon assessment will identify areas where not only can carbon be reduced, but costs can be reduced too. These can result from reduced electricity usage or reduced fossil fuel consumption for example. A carbon assessment allows your business to prepare for reporting requirements and provides the detail you need to reduce operational costs in the meantime.

Tunley Engineering can provide carbon assessments and support you and your staff with education and cost effective ongoing support for monitoring and carbon reduction efforts. Where you may not be able to have an inhouse carbon reduction expert we offer a service that can navigate for you the reporting requirements, which standards to select, how to differentiate between direct or indirect emissions, which are mandatory and which are discretionary. Get in touch today.