An Introduction to Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA)

Course Overview

Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEAs) are often regarded as a Manufacturing and Operations assessment technique, however, this training will build on this with not only production but office-based Process assessments.

This course will develop and build the PFMEA competency and confidence of Engineers with little or no prior experience. The target is to ensure that all attendees can hold and or successful partake in PFMEAs within their Company.

What is Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA)?

A Process Failure Mode Effects Analysis (PFMEA) is a structured analytical tool used by an organization, business unit, or cross-functional team to identify and evaluate the potential failures of a process.

Course Structure

The course will take place over four 1-hour Webinar sessions, in addition Tunley Engineering will support the attendees post training where needed and or appropriate via email or conference call. An overview of the sessions is as follows:

Session 1

Introduction to the course

Review of Production and Office Processes that failed and how correctly employed a PFMEA could have reduced the Engineering Risk
Process Mapping
Process Functions
Failure Modes

Explanation and review
Detection rating

Calculation of Risk Priority Numbers (RPNs)

RPN Review

Recommended actions

Recalculation of RPNs

Summary and Q&A

Session 2

Pugh Matrices
Review of their form
Review of their suitability
Pugh Matrix Worked examples

Summary and Q&A

Session 3

PFMEA worked example 1

Summary and Q&A

Session 4

PFMEA worked example 2

Summary and Q&A

Tailored programs to your Company’s needs, with company specific examples, are available upon request.

NB: Tunley Engineering will issue course notes to all Attendees prior to the training, questions during the Webinar training can be submitted through the live chat and or via email.

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