An Introduction to Bespoke Engineering Processes

Engineering is about taking something and making it better.

Course Overview

Unfortunately, we often overlook our Engineering Processes, this training focuses on the Processes behind Bespoke Engineering orders.

What is Bespoke Engineering?

Delivering Customised Products

Bespoke engineering involves an engineering company delivering a customised or tailored product or project to a customer, in accordance with their specific requirements. Anything that is bespoke, must be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes and usage of the purchaser

Increasing Throughput

The training will review how analysis of Value Added (VA), Non-Value Added (NVA) and Business Non-Value Added (BNVA) components within the Bespoke Engineering process, identifies opportunities for Engineering Departments to reduce waste whilst increasing throughput.

Course Structure

The course is broken down into three 1-hour Webinar sessions, an overview follows:

Session 1

Introduction to the course

Definition of a Bespoke Engineering Order

High-level review of a Bespoke Engineering process

Defining NVA, VA and BNVA

Mapping a Bespoke Engineering process with an integrated Customer Approval process – worked example

Summary and Q&A

Session 2

How Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can impact your Bespoke Engineering process decisions

How logic decisions can improve the efficiency of your Bespoke Engineering process

Explanation of process logic decisions

How logic decisions can reduce NVA – worked example

Summary and Q&A

Session 3

What considerations must be made when considering a Part Data Management (PDM) system
In and out of system

Paper based tools

Data integrity

Best practices for reviewing and innovating your Bespoke Engineering processes

Summary and Q&A

Tailored programs to your Company’s needs, with company specific examples, are available upon request.

NB: Tunley Engineering will issue course notes to all Attendees prior to the training, questions during the Webinar training can be submitted through the live chat and or via email.

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