With an impressively diverse team of Scientists, Tunley Engineering is wholly committed to the decarbonisation of the Earth.

Our science-based approach and commercial aptitude ensures we identify realistic opportunities to reduce the negative impact your organisation and product(s) have on the environment.


Carbon Reduction Specialists



Chartered Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers

Chief Carbon Reduction Scientist

Torill is the Chief Carbon Reduction Engineer of Tunley Engineering and leads the carbon reduction team.

Torill is passionate about environmental protection and decarbonisation; she delights in mentoring the carbon reduction team and takes pride in their outstanding achievements and the quality of their work.
With much experience in engineering design, innovation, operational and asset management, and an academic background in biochemistry, chemical engineering, and business management, Torill continues to apply creative problem solving and leadership skills to her role as the Chief Carbon Reduction Engineer of Tunley Engineering.



Full Member of The Institution of Environmental Sciences

Carbon Reduction Scientist

Dr Luan Ho holds a BEng degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a PhD degree in Earth Sciences.

He has a range of experience from working in various research and engineering projects in environmental sciences and engineering.

Luan is a Carbon Reduction Engineer at Tunley Engineering, supporting businesses worldwide with their carbon reduction journeys. With his knowledge in engineering and interest in carbon reduction, Luan conducts many projects in which the environmental benefits of novel construction approaches can be quantified.

Luan helps engineers and businesses gain insight in the role of environmental sustainability in their products, their services, and the need to develop in-depth understanding of sustainable practices.



Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Carbon Reduction Scientist

As a Carbon Reduction Scientist, Rob applies his multidisciplinary scientific background spanning biology, chemistry and materials science to the carbon assessments and realistic reduction plans for the customers’ often complex needs.

Rob completed his PhD at the University of Manchester on microbiologically influenced corrosion, where he co-authored the publication “Gemini surfactant as multifunctional corrosion and biocorrosion inhibitors for mild steel” in Bioelectrochemistry (Pakiet et al, 2019).

Prior to working at Tunley Engineering, he has carried out fundamental research on second generation biofuels, high efficiency shipping coatings and novel biosensing technologies.

Rob prides himself on his broad knowledge base and continues pursuing opportunities to learn about new topics wherever possible. 


MEng, PhD

Associate Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers

senior carbon reduction Scientist

Aaron Yeardley is a Senior Carbon Reduction Engineer at Tunley Engineering. He specialises in carbon management planning and life cycle assessments.

Aaron has always had a passion for Mathematics and enjoys using this passion to help other people.

During his PhD, Aaron collaborated with many Chemical Engineering research students by using machine learning to aid process engineering projects through forecasting, sensitivity analysis and design of experiments. Aaron continues to use these data analytics and software skills to help decarbonise businesses.

It is clear that numbers make Aaron happy, and calculating a baseline value for a project’s greenhouse gas emissions and using innovative methods to decrease that baseline value is extremely exciting. 


MSc, PGDE, PhD (pending)

carbon reduction Scientist

Natalie is a newer member of the carbon team and is in the process of acquiring her PhD, “Modifying Hematite Photoanodes for Improved Photoelectrocatalytic Water-Splitting”, in Engineering.

With a background in chemistry, materials science and education, Natalie is passionate about using her skills to help businesses pursue sustainable practises. 

Her professional experience in teaching and creative nature inspires Natalie to make carbon reduction a goal that is accessible for all – regardless of your starting point.

Carbon Reduction clearly very much in the public eye but the subject isn’t well known by most people; Natalie’s experience in education helps ensure our customers can bring the whole team along with them as they start and progress through their carbon reduction journeys.

Natalie has 4 dogs and loves spending time with them outdoors. She enjoys running, gaming, and (for fear of being judged) birdwatching.


MChem, PhD (pending)

Carbon Reduction Scientist

Nathan is a Carbon Reduction Engineer at Tunley Engineering and is responsible for processing, analysing, and presenting carbon assessment data.

He combines this with finishing his PhD in “Modelling the Thermoelectric Properties of SrTiO3 and its (Nano-)composites” at the University of Huddersfield.

Nathan has an undergraduate background in Chemistry, with his PhD focusing on computational materials science. Thus far, he has published one paper investigating defect chemistry in SrTiO3, with several more planned. In his free time, Nathan likes to expand his knowledge by learning from others, reading, and researching anything he finds interesting.

This often translates into his work by allowing him to think of data differently, sometimes allowing for developing new R&D ideas.



Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Chief Executive Officer

Will is the Owner and Founder of Tunley Engineering and is responsible for the overall strategy and growth of the Business.

Will is obsessed with continuous improvement and takes pride in managing and adapting to change across all departments of Tunley Engineering.

Being the “smartest person in the room” gives you nothing so Will surrounds himself by people who, in his words, are “better than him” to ensure the Tunley Engineering continues to improve its service competencies.

Learning from others has, and continues to be a critical success factor in Tunley Engineering’s growth.

With a professional background in multi-departmental transformation and an academic background in advanced full factorials, large datasets and combustion modelling, Will continues to apply innovation, change management and exploration skills to his role as the CEO of Tunley Engineering.

Outside work Will is dedicated to his family and enjoys being with his wife and two young daughters. Will keeps fit and his dog, Coco, happy by going for runs when he can. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Will participates in fitness tests such as “Couch-to-50K” and mini marathons.

Catherine Foister

pr & media executive

Catherine works closely with the team to pursue coverage across various media platforms to promote and strengthen the brand around the globe.

Catherine has a wealth of experience, having previously worked within radio and media planning.

She is excited about playing her part in the development of the business and aims to increase awareness of Tunley Engineering and the importance of reducing global CO2e levels.

When Catherine isn’t busy chauffeuring her kids around on a weekend and watching her son play football in all types of weather, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors and discovering new walks with her family! That and keeping up with the ladies and gents on Strictly.


Non-executive director

Having built and successfully exited her own multi-million-pound business, Rachel is now an experienced Chair, Non-Executive Director and Board advisor across a range of sectors, including private companies, not-for-profits and Deputy Chair of a University.

She is an active Business Angel who invests in ‘companies with purpose’, who can deliver real benefit and value, not just for the business, customers and employees, but the broader community.

Over the last 10 years, Rachel has invested well into seven figures into businesses and building new and affordable homes, and is passionate about creating jobs and opportunities and fuelling inclusive growth.

As well as her investment activities, Rachel also works with a number of ambitious, high-growth potential companies, providing expertise, experience and insight around business growth & scaling, strategy, and leadership.

She is proud to be on Tunley Engineering’s Board, supporting them in their mission to “engineer a decarbonised future” for their clients and the crucial benefits this will deliver more broadly.



carbon consultant

Dane is a Carbon Consultant at Tunley Engineering and leads our internal sales functions.

Dane is responsible for the active engagement of Tunley Engineering’s prospects and clients, whilst implementing continuous improvements of our internal systems.

Dane has a passion for sustainable business practices related to carbon reduction strategy, and firmly believes that decarbonisation, whether at local, national, or international levels, can be achieved through effective collaboration.

Dane feels that a shared understanding of accountability, knowledge and implementation is vital to reducing global CO2e levels. By actively engaging with businesses at every level, Dane demonstrates in layman’s terms how we all have an important part to play in engineering a decarbonised future.

Outside of work, Dane loves to keep fit by playing any sport he can. As an avid Marvel fan, he’s always in the mood to discuss the next big release from Marvel Studios.

Stacey Crawford


Customer Engagement Lead

Stacey is the Customer Engagement Lead for Tunley Engineering, and is responsible for client acquisition.

Stacey is the initial point of contact for prospects and potential clients, and collaborates with our scientists whilst sending proposals.

Stacey uses her previous sales experience and knowledge to present and promote our services to prospective clients.

Helping businesses use less carbon and energy to minimise environmental impact falls in line with Stacey’s own personal values, and is something she’s very passionate about. This helps in establishing, developing and maintaining positive business and client relationships.

In her spare time, Stacey is an avid traveller, and spends most weekends outdoors exploring new places.

ellis clark

Ba (hons)

marketing manager

Ellis is the Marketing Manager at Tunley Engineering, responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy and execution.

With a passion for sustainability and a wealth of experience in marketing, Ellis leads the development and implementation of integrated marketing campaigns, working closely with our Carbon Consultants and Scientists to ensure that Tunley Engineering’s solutions are communicated effectively to our audience.

She has a strong track record of delivering successful campaigns, both online and offline, and is committed to driving the growth of Tunley Engineering’s brand and reputation as a leader in carbon reduction consultancy.

In her free time, Ellis enjoys running in the outdoors with her dog, Bonnie. She also loves getting invested in films and TV shows.




Oliver is focused on delivering positive transformational change wherever he works.

He holds BA (hons) in Management, as well as a Masters in Law and an MSC in Environmental Sustainability from some of the UK’s top Universities.

After spending 3 years at the world’s leading marketing graduate program, he decided to ply his trades In a new role.

Taking up the position as head of Marketing at Boulting (now BGEN), his first task was embark on a full rebrand. A year after BGEN was born, the company announced record profit and revenue – in no small part down to the award winning rebrand success.

Oliver has led the charge for sustainability at BGEN, creating the first net-zero office in Warrington, developing a new sustainability offering and ensuring the company commits to a net zero target by 2035.

He joined the Tunley board as non-exec position because of the values and purpose of the company. He hopes to help drive awareness for the Tunley brand as well offering new commercial channels for expansion.




Peter has been a Director of Tunley Engineering since its inception in 2017. His expertise extends beyond the formal aspects of running a business. In a long career spanning over 40+ years, Peter has experienced the challenges facing most businesses operating in the manufacturing market. From food to aerospace, from mass product to project manufacture, Peter understands the complexities that influence success.

During his career, Peter has focused on how systems underpin the operation of every business and how they connect the various functional departments together. These relationships go beyond the business itself and connect it to its suppliers and customers. In today’s highly competitive world, communication is key.

Business success is driven by competitive edge and Peter is dedicated to ensuring that Tunley Engineering’s customers and their products and processes are fully aware of the benefit offered by carbon neutrality, to their image and ultimately their success.



Frank Tunley, Dr Will Beer’s great-grandfather, was a pattern maker for Laycock Engineering in Sheffield. From the 1920s until the 1960s, he worked on a wide range of power transmission and garage equipment products.

Frank was a proud craftsman, and his passion for engineering, precision and improvement continues to inspire us today.

Will and Peter have always been fascinated by engineering and design. For many years, they have repaired and re-built motorcycles and cars in their spare time, and they’re continually looking to create new designs that could improve the world.

Will and Peter’s passion for engineering and their concern for the environment led to the creation of Tunley Engineering. With their deep knowledge and experience in engineering, they saw an opportunity to make a positive impact on the world by helping businesses reduce their carbon emissions. Their vision for a cleaner, more sustainable future inspired them to build a successful carbon reduction business that has since helped numerous clients to achieve their environmental goals.


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