Nearly 50 years of engineering management experience across the team brings to you a smorgasbord of knowledge on what makes a good, and a bad, engineering department. We’ve seen both extremes and have enabled transformation of large & small engineering teams, improving their performance and enhancing their value to the business.

Our direct and forthright approach, from the initial mapping and assessment onwards, is a direct result of our experience over the years and is designed to deliver results for you quickly





After completing a Degree and PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Dr Beer (Will) progressed quickly from a Senior CFD Engineer to Engineering Manager at a small firm, subsequently moving to a large global company to expand his experience further.


Along the way Will also became a Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Whilst delivering game changing improvements across continents, Will realised there was potentially a significant opportunity in supporting other Engineering Businesses achieve the same – and Tunley Engineering was born.


That commitment to improving engineering has also led to the development of a range of high impact engineering training courses. More recently Will’s lifetime interest in supporting environmental sustainability has been the catalyst for launching Tunley Engineering’s ground-breaking Carbon and Embodied Carbon Assessment and Reduction services.

Dr Torill Bigg

Chartered Chemical Engineer

Dr Bigg (Torill) is a Chartered Chemical Engineer with 20 years’ experience in the water industry and a passion for environmental protection.

Her work is published in Environmental Technology Journal and she is the recipient of a range of awards from Groundwater Quality at Sheffield University, to the prestigious Water Award from the Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Torill spearheads our work in reducing Carbon Emissions across the globe, utilising her academic, professional and industry experience in finding grounded and cost effective solutions to the Climate Crisis.

Joshua Farnsworth

Carbon Reduction Engineer

Joshua joined Tunley Engineering as a Carbon Reduction Engineer whilst completing his Master’s degree in Environmental Science and Climate Change Politics at the University of Sheffield.


Having previously completed an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Government from Newcastle University, Joshua specialised in environmental politics and policy, and finished his 3-year course with a dissertation focusing on US environmental politics and governance.


With knowledge and expertise in global and national environmental policies and climate change governance, Joshua offers companies and government officials alike a different perspective within the Carbon Reduction Team to expand and explore solutions to the climate crisis.

Aaron Yeardley
Carbon Reduction Engineer

Aaron is one of our Carbon Reduction Engineers. He combines his role at Tunley Engineering with completing his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Sheffield.


Aaron specialises in gathering data from clients and performing carbon calculations to present carbon footprints. He then works with the client providing solutions to help reduce the carbon footprint.


He utilises his expertise in data analytics, machine learning and python coding to achieve these goals.

Peter James Beer

Peter James Beer has over 40 years’ experience in product development, project management and the identification and delivery of business process improvements.


He has managed teams developing ERP systems and has been involved in over 80 successful ERP / MRP installations. His experience spans almost all  manufacturing sectors both in the UK and internationally.

Dane Wadsworth
Sales & Business Development Leader

Dane joined Tunley Engineering as our Sales & Business Development Lead. However using his
Master’s degree in Chemistry he is able to apply his analytical and diligent approach to Tunley Engineering’s evolving Carbon Reduction Services.


Dane’s prior knowledge and experience within
the training sector also helps him to build strong and long-lasting relationships with organisations, based on his experience of what training needs to provide to deliver the best results for companies.


With his creative, out-of-the-box thinking, Dane is building on Tunley Engineering’s current successes by working with new and existing clients, identifying areas of improvement and offering actionable support to help ensure Tunley Engineering continues to grow and become not only the first choice as the world’s engineering training provider, but for Carbon Reduction Services as well!

Catherine Foister

Global Media Executive

As our Global Media Executive, Catherine works closely with the team to pursue coverage across various media platforms in order to promote and strengthen the brand around the globe. Catherine has a wealth of experience having previously worked within radio and media planning.


She is excited about playing her part in the development of the business and aims to increase awareness of Tunley Engineering and its core services.

Nicola R-Whitton




Frank Tunley, Dr Will Beer’s great-grandfather, was a pattern maker for Laycock Engineering in Sheffield. From the 1920s until the 1960s, he worked on a wide range of power transmission and garage equipment product.


Frank was a proud craftsman, and his passion for engineering, precision and improvement continues to inspire us today.

Will and Peter have always been fascinated by engineering and design. For many years, they have repaired and re-built motorcycles and cars in their spare time, and they’re continually looking to create new designs that could improve the world.


To date they have registered over 14 patent applications that relate to a wide range of applications including kinetic energy recovery, venetian blind heat exchange and several relating to the motorcycle manufacturing industry.  In addition, Will is a committed IMechE interviewer.